Searching Islamic patterns by location

A specific pattern may be found in several locations, but it is also to interest to note the patetrns found at a aspecific location.
To facilitate this form of searching, the Islamic area is divided into eight parts as listed below. We follow the web site Patterns in Islamic Art since that is a major source of photos used to construct the graphic on this web site.
A few points should be noted:
  1. Objects in Museums are listed under the country of origin, not the location of the Museum.
  2. We have tried to exclude patterns which are not thought to be classical. As an example, Palmeraie Golf Course Palace, Marrakesh.
  3. Please let me know if you find any errors in these lists.


236 patterns, of which 173 (76%) appear only in Spain, see list.
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270 patterns, of which 217 (80%) appear only in Morocco, see list.
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310 patterns, of which 213 (71%) appear only in Egypt, see list.
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A site index giving alternative names and the monument number may be useful for finding patterns, see: Index to Egyptian sites.


198 patterns, of which 129 (68%) appear only in India, see list.
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392 patterns, of which 275 (76%) appear only in Iran, see list.
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90 patterns, of which 56 (67%) appear only in Syria, see list.
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261 patterns, of which 165 (65%) appear only in Turkey, see list.
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Central Asia

182 patterns, of which 102 (63%) appear only in Central Asia, see list.
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