Changes in Version 49

The purpose of this release is to correct some errors and illustrate the capacity of the web site not previously shown.

The main corrections concern duplicates. If patterns X and Y are the same, with X appearing in Location A and Y appearing in location B, then the duplicate is removed by deleting pattern Y but showning X at locations A and B.

Pattern additions

The new patterns are listed in the file.

Illustrating a new capacity

For some years, it has been possible to index all the individual tile shapes that appear in around 2,000 of the tiling patterns from this web site. The complexity of the material has been a problem in presenting this information. Two examples have now been prepared.

The first example arose from an interest in the doll-shaped tile that appears in some decagonal patterns. For the details, see the file.

The second example arose from the use of decagonal motifs, see file.

For the entire index, the most popular 26 tiles have been analysed. Like the previous examples, the patterns in which the tiles are to be found are listed. For the details, see the file.

Future plans

Work is being undertaken to ease the maintenance of the site since I cannot expect to continue much longer. I am investigating the possibility of an institution taking over the site and would hope to have this resolved shortly. Note that this site is archived via the British Library facility, see here.